I recently received the following question about dairy and pizza…

I was wondering what your thoughts are on occasional grass fed dairy (even raw) and a Paleo Pizza?

I have been gluten free for over a year ( I was really sick, so it made a huge difference) and I have recently discovered for sure that corn it a problem for me too.

I don’t drink caffeine and I’m not a sugar person, so the 30 day jump start is not a big problem for me ( I like to cook and I have already enjoyed cooking new things – butternut squash “hummus” yesterday!) But I am already dreaming about pizza ):  I am excited to try a cauliflower crust ( and since I don’t eat gluten haven’t had real crust in a while anyway) – but I cannot figure out how to replace the cheese and get that melty deliciousness – so I’m wondering if you have any pizza suggestions?

(I may end up trying grass fed and raw mozzarella or goat cheese AFTER the thirty days if I can’t come up with an alternative)

Thanks for your time!

I figured this nice woman was not the only person dreaming of pizza. I do it all the time, so here is my answer for ya!

I eat “pizza” all the time, but it doesn’t involve dairy or grains. There are a couple ways you can go about it, but first let me give you an answer on the dairy question.

Is Dairy for You?

Most people who have a serious sensitivity to gluten (which it sounds like you do) also have issues with dairy, unfortunately. Even raw dairy. However, some people can deal with it, so if you really really want to, give it a try and see how your body responds. Like you said, I’d suggest eating raw, full fat dairy, or at least raw. You can get cheeses from Whole Foods that are raw. So try it out, but really watch your body’s response to it over the next few days. Do a full body scan a few times a day, asking in particular these questions:

  • Am I more phlegmy than usual? 
  • Do I have a yeast infection?
  • Is my skin breaking out in acne or a rash?
  • Am I itchy anywhere?
  • How’s my digestion – am I bloated, do I have diarrhea, am I constipated?
  • How am I mentally – foggy, tired, etc?

Dairy is a powerful thing, and a sensitivity to it doesn’t always manifest itself in the usual gassy/bloating ways. If you find that you get symptoms from it, take those seriously and stop eating it, except on rare occasions (or never if you’re like me).

How To Make Paleo Pizza

Ok, as for the pizza thing, if you want to try out the pizza with raw dairy at some point, go for it. But a more Paleo substitute for cheese is called Daiya, which you can get at almost any natural food store or on Amazon. It’s mostly made of tapioca and seasonings, but there is a little bit of some sort of legume flour in it, too, so the choice to eat it is all yours, of course.

The crust. This is the amazing part. My husband and I make pizzas all the time using Chebe pizza crusts, which are cheap and on Amazon, and made out of tapioca flour, which is a root and not a grain, and totally Paleo. It’s high in carbs, but you can make the crust very thin so that you’re not overdoing it. Then we use dijon mustard as the “sauce”, which doubles as the cheese, actually. I know it sounds weird, but my mother – the most non-Paleo person in the world – LOVES it.

We don’t eat tomatoes (they bother my husband and I don’t really care about them), so this is perfect for someone on the autoimmune protocol. In any case, the mustard really does give it a nice flavor and saltiness that the cheese usually provides.

The other thing we do that makes it have more of the consistency of cheese is to add eggs. I know – all of this sounds so weird! But we use a higher lipped pan, spread out the Chebe dough (which takes about 2 minutes to make), add lots of mustard, then pepperoni, then veggies (broccoli, mushrooms, zucchini, artichoke hearts, etc.). Then some sort of ground meat (turkey with lots of seasoning on it, or Italian pork sausage). Then we add about 7 beaten eggs over the whole thing, put it in the oven for about 25 minutes until the eggs are cooked, and enjoy.

paleo pizza

Our Paleo “pizza” with broccoli, pepperoni, sausage, artichoke hearts, eggs, and mustard.

I hope that helps! Please let me know if you do this and how it turns out for you. I’d love suggestions on how to make it even better. Or let us know in the comments how YOU make pizza.