About Neely Quinn

My name is Neely Quinn, and I am a Certified Integrative Clinical Nutrition Therapist specializing in Paleo and Primal nutrition. Besides being a nutritionist, I’m a writer, a rock climber, a wife, an entrepreneur, and a traveler. I love my job as a nutritionist and writer because it allows me to take what I’ve learned from my own storied history with health and help other people find their own path to wellness.

In my practice as a nutrition coach (learn more on my Coaching Page), I see a lot of people who struggle to make it through their everyday lives because they’re too sick and too tired. I also help a lot of people who want to improve their athletic performance or lose those last 5-20 pounds. Either way, witnessing them change their diets and improve their health is incredibly rewarding for me.

I’m a no-nonsense kind of girl, and I generally cut to the heart of the matter, whether it’s in my writing, my teaching, my cooking, or in my sessions with clients. I like to see people get better as quickly as possible because I know what it’s like to feel awful.

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I graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a double major in psychology and zoology, planning to be a primatologist like Jane Goodall, but after I graduated, I got sick. Parasites, bacterial infections, asthma, constant dizziness, temporary blindness in one eye, and terrible digestive problems were among my many symptoms. I also needed to lose a few pounds and struggled with some serious body image issues. After a couple years of unsuccessfully going the conventional medical route, out of desperation I finally came to nutrition. I changed my diet, and when my symptoms started improving, I realized the profound impact that food has on our health.

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In 2007, I received my nutrition certificate from Seven Bowls School of Nutrition, Nourishment and Healing (back when it was a 3-year, masters level, comprehensive nutrition school), where I deepened my understanding of nutrition, nutritional anthropology, herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, the psychology of eating, and functional medicine, among other things. My mission is to tell as many people as I can how important their food choices are.

I moved to Colorado from Wisconsin in 2001 because of the opportunities I have here for rock climbing, indoors and outdoors. I take my sport (sometimes too) seriously, as I know many of my readers do, too. As an athlete, I know what it is to train hard and fuel all that hard work with a proper diet. I’ve climbed up to 5.13c (sport) because of my efforts and I hope to one day climb 5.14.


I’ve created a lifestyle and career that allows me to be mobile, partly because of my love of climbing. So it’s rare that I’m in one place for more than a few months at a time. My husband, dog, and I are constantly moving to new and amazing climbing areas around the world, however the weather guides us. When I’m in my home base in Boulder, CO, I love hiking in the foothills most days with my dog. I also love playing Scrabble, chess, and watching ridiculous reality TV shows…

If you have questions, please email me at neely@neelyquinn.com – I’d love to hear from you!

Neely Quinn Nutrition Therapist