Lose the weight for good.

This 30-Day Fat Loss Jump-Start program will help you if you want to lose weight and get healthy. Period. This program will guide you step-by-step through a month of diet and lifestyle changes, and this time, they’ll really stick.

  • Proven methods to make you lose weight and keep it off
  • Email support and education from a nutritionist
  • Definitive Eating Guide
  • Meal Planning & Recipe Guide
  • Sustainable (and simple) lifestyle changes
  • Quick, effective workout info


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    My Weight Loss Story

    “Dieting” can only take you so far, and then your willpower runs out and you rebound, often gaining back any weight you lost, and then some. Real, long-term health and weight loss goals are realized by making changes to your diet and lifestyle that are actually enjoyable. By eating foods that taste good and satisfy your body’s needs. Foods that don’t leave you craving something… more.

    I lost over 35 pounds by figuring out all the things I’d gotten wrong in the past. I thought I was doing everything right – I was a vegetarian, I exercised compulsively – what could be missing? I was in such denial about my weight that I actually told myself my dryer was shrinking my clothes – not that my butt was getting bigger.

    I’ve kept that weight off by digging deep and figuring out not only which foods I should eat and which I should avoid, but by understanding what the roots of my unhealthy eating behaviors were. The diet I landed on is similar to a Paleo or Primal diet, and that’s what I specialize in. Even that can be confusing, though, so I’ll walk you through it.

    I created this 30-Day Fat Loss Jump-Start Program so that I can share with you everything I know about losing weight, getting healthy, and staying that way. I’ll be right there with you as you transform your life and diet to get the body you’ve always wanted.

    What You’ll Gain from This Program

    This 30-Day Fat Loss Jump-Start Program teaches you everything you need to know about diet, exercise, and lifestyle so you can lose weight and keep it off. You’ll receive supportive and informative emails every 1-3 days from me and downloadable guides telling you what to eat, what recipes to use, how to meal plan, and how to overcome the obstacles that set people back so often.

    What to Eat

    Food Guide

    There are thousands of opinions about what you should eat and avoid to lose weight, and all of that conflicting info can be confusing. This comprehensive food guide will clearly explain what to eat and drink, what to avoid, what to consume in moderation, and the reasons why.

    Following this food guide has been tried and tested, having helped thousands of people lose fat and feel amazing. Trust this guide and you won’t go wrong.

    Meal Plan Guide

    Meal Plan Guide

    The lack of meal planning is often the reason people fail to reach their goals. It’s easy to fall into old habits and grab some fast food or eat junk for meals. When you have a plan in place, all the groceries you need, and foods already prepped, failure isn’t really an option.

    This guide provides you with instructions on how to create your own meal plan, my favorite meal planning services, and guidance for how to minimize cooking/prep time.

    Recipes Guide

    Recipes Guide

    It doesn’t matter if you’re not the greatest cook in the world. Truth be told, I’m not either. If you’re armed with amazing recipes, you can at least pretend to be the greatest cook in the world. I’ve compiled the recipes I think are the most delicious, the healthiest, the most likely to help you lose weight, and the quickest to make.

    With this guide, you’ll never have to feel lost in the kitchen again.


    What Is Paleo? Guide

    You’ll be following roughly a Paleo-type diet on this program. If you don’t know what that is, I’ve laid it out for you in plain-as-day terms, explaining why we’d want to eat this way, and what it entails, including scientific information to back it up.

    With this guide, you’ll be a pro on Paleo and have the why’s to back up your new lifestyle.


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    Information and Support in Your Inbox

    I’ll be sending you an email every 1 to 3 days to check in, see how you’re doing, support you during this time, and teach you everything you need to know about making this a life-long way of living.

    • How to make the diet and lifestyle transition
      • Overcoming common obstacles
        • Setting Realistic Goals
          • How much food to eat and when to eat it
            • Detoxing as seamlessly as possible
            • Staying motivated to keep going
              • Eating well on a budget
                • Snacking well
                  • Alcohol and fat loss
                    • Much more!

                    Your Weight Loss Coach



                    I’m Neely Quinn, a Certified Integrated Clinical Nutrition Therapist, and I will be your guide through the next 30 days of fat loss and health gain. I’ve humbly helped thousands of clients and readers reach their optimal body size and shape over the last 10 years, and I LOVE my job.

                    I’ve gone through the gamut of health issues myself, and struggled with stubborn fat on my butt, thighs, belly, and arms, despite my best efforts and my education as a nutritionist. I’m now the healthiest and leanest I’ve ever been, and I’m loving life. I want you to experience that feeling, too!

                    No more looking in the mirror being embarrassed – and even angry sometimes – about the way I look. No more hurtful comments from ignorant guys (“You’ve got a big butt for a white girl.” or “Some guys like guts on girls, Neely”). And no more feeling frustrated every time I go clothes shopping. I can finally feel comfortable in my body and clothes, and you can, too.

                    As the former Paleo nutritionist and content creator over at the substantial site, PaleoPlan.com, I’ve figured out what works for most people, and what doesn’t. It turns out that when you focus on healing your body, weight loss naturally follows, and that’s what we’ll do in this program. You get to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak: gaining vibrant health AND finally having the body you’ve always wanted.

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                    If you were to get personal nutrition coaching with me, it would cost you $300/hour, which means you’d be spending thousands of dollars to learn what I’m about to teach you. This program allows you to get comprehensive, step-by-step coaching for a very small fraction of my normal rates.


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                    My Guarantee

                    I stand by a 100% 30-day Money-Back Guarantee, so you can feel totally secure knowing that if you’re not completely satisfied with what I’m providing, I’ll give you your money back – no questions, no hassles.


                    email support

                    Email Support

                    After you sign up, your first email with instructions on how to get started will come immediately. After that, you’ll receive an email from me once every 1-3 days. In those emails I’ll answer common questions, challenge you to do new things, and be your cheerleader.



                    I’ll be giving you access to downloads like the Fat Loss Food Guide and the Meal Planning Guide in my emails to you. These are beautifully laid out, comprehensive guides that took me hours to create. You will use them throughout the month, and hopefully beyond!


                    Incredible Value

                    To get this kind of well-laid out, day-by-day weight-loss plan and support from me, you’d have to pay thousands of dollars. I’ve put hundreds of hours into this program to make it really effective and practical. At $29, this program is effective AND affordable.

                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    Here are some commonly asked questions about the 30-Day Fat Loss Jump-Start Program. If you still have questions after reading through these, please email me at neely@neelyquinn.com and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


                    That totally depends on your situation, but people have been known to lose up to 20 pounds in the first month! A lot of those initial pounds are water weight, but getting rid of that makes a huge difference. After that, I always say it’s healthy and normal to lose about 2 pounds per week.
                    You’re already planning on cheating?! I’m just kidding – I think that’s totally normal for people to not be “perfect” all the time. I’m certainly not. Your results will definitely be better if you stick to it 100% because just one slip up with gluten or other foods you’re sensitive to can affect you for days or weeks. I explain in the program how to “cheat” well, so as to avoid undoing all the good work you’ve been doing. Don’t worry – you will not feel deprived all month – I promise!
                    I understand why you’d think that, but to be honest, I happened upon Paleo on accident a lot of years ago when I realized that almost all of my clients (and I) were doing way better without grains and dairy. So I don’t really care what it’s called – I just know it’s a great place to start for overall health and weight loss.
                    Absolutely! The diet I’ll lay out for you in the program is the way your body is dying for you to be eating. Research is proving that more and more every day, but I’ve seen it thousands of times with clients and readers before. I’ll teach you how to manage your blood sugar without medications or insulin. You’ll just want to be careful if you are on either of those things that you monitor your blood sugar VERY carefully, especially in the beginning. This way of eating can begin changing your blood sugar from the very first meal, and if you’re over-medicating yourself, you could make your blood sugar go too low. Talk to your doctor about low-carb diets and your condition if you’re concerned.
                    If you have health issues, you may begin to feel better within the first day or so. You may actually feel a difference in the way your clothes fit in those first few days, too. It can be pretty immediate. However, it may take longer than that – it just depends on your situation.
                    Today? Yesterday? All joking aside, any time is a good time to start eating better and regaining your health. Having said that, if you’re an athlete and you have a big game/tournament/competition coming up and you need to be performing at your absolute best, don’t start this program within a few weeks before that event. You may experience fatigue and lowered athletic performance for a week or two, and it takes some athletes a bit of time to figure out exactly how many grams of carbs, protein, and fat they need to be at their best. I’ll definitely help you through that process, but it’s not an exact science. So just a little warning there, but other than that, any time is great!
                    Absolutely. I have witnessed so many surprised seniors, just baffled at how YOUNG they feel after eating and living this way for a month. It’s pretty amazing, actually! This way of eating will definitely help you lose weight, but it also takes away a ton of inflammation from your body, so those aches and pains will likely subside. Your digestion will likely normalize, and you may feel a fog lift from your brain and your memory improve. I know it sounds too good to be true, but this is truly what I’ve witnessed! I hope the same happens for you.
                    Maybe. It depends on how you’ve been eating, but if you have a typical Western diet, or even a typical “healthy” Western diet, then yes. You won’t be eating your bagels, toast, pasta, or bread this month. However, I will give you substitutions for all of those things, and you will NOT feel deprived. I have tips and tricks to get you through the transition and to make your mouth and belly very happy.
                    Yes. I’m also an athlete (I’m a serious rock climber) and I usually train  3-5 days per week pretty hard. I understand your needs, and I’ve worked with a lot of endurance athletes, so I’ll address all kinds of athletes’ needs. There’s a guide for athletes in this program, which will tell you how to fuel yourself for optimal body composition as well as optimal performance.
                    I talk about budgeting in the program, and give you specific advice on how to buy even the best foods at a budget price. I do it myself, so I’ve done a lot of research on this. If your budget is at least a couple hundred dollars per month for yourself, then you’ll be fine. If you have a family to feed, the amount you’ll spend really depends on their appetites. This is when I ask some big questions, though. Do you have any monthly expenses that you could eliminate in order to feed yourself higher quality foods and have the body you want?
                    Honestly, I’m not much of a chef, either. My favorite things to do in the kitchen are spill things everywhere and cut the tips of my fingers off. I’m in the kitchen as little as possible, but I eat really well, and that’s my goal for you in this program. If you have a pan, a pot, some basic kitchen utensils and a stove, you can do this program. I’ve curated the simplest, quickest, most delicious recipes that I personally use all the time, so you’ll have no problem in the kitchen. I also give you a bunch of tips and tricks for cutting down on your kitchen time and making things as easy as possible on yourself.