Lose Weight Sustainably and Get Your Health Back

Learn exactly what you need to know to personalize your diet so you can regain control of your weight and health. 

The Women’s Weight Loss Workshop is a 12-class, online course that I originally conducted with a group of over 250 people.  When you register for this course, you’ll receive incredibly valuable information on weight loss: the recorded 12 video classes, the transcripts, the audio files, and the ability to ask me personal questions throughout your journey, and much more.  Read on to find out exactly what you get in this course, which you can start TODAY if you enroll now at this very low price. 

$297 $147



The Weight Loss Workshop is quite simply:

  • One of the most in-depth Paleo-based group coaching programs ever created
  • Video & audio recordings and transcripts from a 6-week series done in early 2015
  • Taught by a nutrition therapist who’s lost over 35 pounds using the principles in the course
  • Detailed, step-by-step video coaching, written guides and bonus content
  • Focused on giving you world-class support with group mentoring…
  • So that you succeed in your weight loss goals, and NEVER plateau or gain the weight back…

Lack of support and personalization is the #1 reason why most diets, including Paleo, don’t work.

With The Women’s Weight Loss Workshop — you’ll get amazing results that you’ll start seeing immediately!

The Women’s Weight Loss Workshop is a 12-class, online group course where I, Neely Quinn, guide you to permanent, healthy weight loss.

You see, I struggled with weight loss for years! And finally, after going to school for nutrition and experimenting on myself relentlessly, I lost the weight.


I want you to have the same success I’ve had!

You deserve to enjoy a beautiful healthy body. So I created this course to tell you everything I’ve learned over the years through my schooling, my own weight loss, and the success of thousands of people I’ve helped.

The Women’s Weight Loss Workshop features over 24 hours of videos and includes step-by-step coaching

Plus… an amazing group atmosphere that will support you until you reach your health and weight loss goals. Inside this program, you’ll discover how to:

  • Naturally increase your metabolism and fat burning
  • Slow, stop, and evenREVERSE aging
  • Raise your energy levelsand feel amazing all day long
  • Improve your sleep, so that you feel rested each day
  • Balance your hormone levels, even thyroid
  • Know which types of exercise will burn fat

You’ll be taken through 12 life-changing classes full of information, support, guidance, and counseling –

The course is led by me and supported by our amazing group – with an experience you’ll never forget.

Here’s everything we’ll cover:




The 10 Causes Of Weight Gain

In Class 1, I will cover:

  • How I struggled with my weight, and the only things that worked for me…
    • The 10 main causes of weight gain for women (and why not knowing even one of them can hold you back!)…
      • A step-by-step roadmap for how to eat for your own body and needs — while maximizing fat burning…
        • How to plan your meals efficiently and cheaply…
          • The best and WORST foods to eat (avoid these fat-gaining foods!)…
            • PLUS, a primer on carbs, fat and protein…




            Knowing What to Eat & When


            • The difference between good and bad carbs, and how much is right for you
              • How much protein do you REALLY need? (And why too much is NOT a good thing)
                • The secrets of Ketosis, and everything you need to know about it
                  • How to adjust your diet according to your activity levels, mood and more
                  • Secrets for saving a fortune on food [VIDEO]
                    • How to eat out/holidays without getting fat [VIDEO]
                      • Powerful ways to meal plan [guide]
                        • Your A-Z shopping list [guide]




                        Adrenals, Hormones, Thyroid

                        Here, you’ll learn:

                        • A simple quiz you can use to tell whether you have “adrenal fatigue”
                          • How adrenals affect your body’s ability to have energy and therefore metabolize fat
                            • The #1 way to get your adrenals and ALL your hormones into balance
                              • Understanding your thyroid, and how to fix thyroid issues WITHOUT drugs
                                • All the ways you can harness the power of your hormones to shed fat, look younger, and feel amazing!




                                Rebuilding Your Digestion

                                I’ll show you:

                                • Why digestion is at the root of all weight issues
                                  • How to know if your digestion is compromised, and what to do about it
                                    • What is “food combining” and does it matter?
                                      • The importance of probiotics, probiotics and “resistant starch” foods
                                        • The importance of probiotics, probiotics and “resistant starch” foods




                                        Questionable & Confusing Foods

                                        You’re going to LOVE this one — we cover:

                                        • Whether you should eat “iffy” foods like fruit, nuts, potatoes or gluten free grains
                                          • How to know when those foods might be okay, and when they’ll make you fat or sick
                                            • Does alcohol pack on the pounds? Maybe — here’s how to know what you should or shouldn’t drink
                                              • The importance of probiotics, probiotics and “resistant starch” foods




                                              Busting Through Diet Myths

                                              Here you’ll discover:

                                              • The real truth about cholesterol and saturated fat (why almost nothing you’ve been told is right)
                                                • Why fat doesn’t make you fat, IF you follow a few simple rules
                                                  • Why milk and dairy DON’T necessarily improve bone health
                                                    • How you can easily get plenty of fiber on a low-carb diet
                                                      • Why diet drinks are weight loss disasters
                                                        • The ugly truth about most grains, including the supposedly healthy “gluten-free” ones!
                                                          • Plus, we cover much more, including — autoimmunity, pregnancy, nursing, and anything you can think of in a Q&A!




                                                          Emotional Eating & Cheat Meals

                                                          This is all about the emotional side of changing your diet. We’ll cover things like…

                                                          • How to overcome those old emotional eating habits
                                                            • How to stop the binge eating
                                                              • Cheating: what it means and how to do it well (and where most go wrong)
                                                                • How to dramatically decrease sugar cravings




                                                                Emotional Eating Round Table

                                                                This class is a round table discussion on emotional eating/disordered eating, where we took 4 people and put them on a virtual stage and provided loving, safe, compassionate guidance that helped them through their emotional issues around eating.

                                                                So many people have similar issues surrounding emotional eating – not having enough respect and love for oneself to keep from eating unnecessarily; eating because it’s the only comfort in your life; and not being able to stay on such a rigid diet. This conversation helps unravel those issues and provides solutions to them.


                                                                • Marc David & Heather Kelly Weight Loss Solution Sessions [VIDEO]
                                                                  • Disordered/emotional eating quiz to tell whether you’re being affected




                                                                  Everything About Exercise

                                                                  You’ll learn:

                                                                  • How to work out in a way that creates all-day fat burning
                                                                    • The best workouts for your hormones (including your thyroid and sex hormones)
                                                                      • How to know if you’re working out too much, and what to do about it.
                                                                        • Why more is NOT always better, and how to find your sweet spot of exercise for maximum health and beauty




                                                                        Supplements, Naturopaths, Testing

                                                                        We’ll reveal:

                                                                        • Why most supplements are NOT necessary (and do more harm than good!)
                                                                          • How to know if you’re deficient in any key nutrients
                                                                            • Why the “food first” philosophy will save you a ton of money and help your health
                                                                              • How to know when you may need a supplement, and which ones to buy




                                                                              Blasting Through “Blocks”

                                                                              You’ll discover:

                                                                              • How to deal with all kinds potential obstacles that could get in the way of your success
                                                                                • How to deal with family and friends who are not supportive
                                                                                  • Avoiding temptations, and resisting things you know are not right for you
                                                                                    • What to do when you feel like you’re sabotaging yourself
                                                                                      • Traveling and other situations that are not supportive of healthy eating




                                                                                      Final Q&A

                                                                                      Here, in this final session, I answered any last questions people had in the original class. As with the other Q&A sessions in the course… people asked me personal questions and got personalized answers to any pressing issues or concerns. I helped troubleshoot all the most common issues people were experiencing so that there will be NOTHING holding you back.

                                                                                      Tap Into The Unparalleled Power of Group Support and Leave No Doubt About Your Weight Loss

                                                                                      So far on this page, I’ve highlighted a ton of the content that you’ll receive in this comprehensive online program — within each and every class. The amazing thing is, all this information is only a tiny fraction of the life-changing value you’ll receive with this program.

                                                                                      The greater value comes from the fact that you’ll be part of an intimate group — where, for the first time — you’ll be supported, encouraged and guided to change and have lasting success.

                                                                                      There’s a reason why 12 step and similar programs have incredible track records and have been around for ages — because the group dynamic is incredibly effective. This is exactly what I learned on my own path, and it wasn’t until I had the support of a group of other like-minded women that my results shifted profoundly.

                                                                                      Now, I want the same for you!

                                                                                      When You Register Today, You’ll Also Receive These Bonuses…

                                                                                      Bonus Gift #1:

                                                                                      The Primal Beauty Program Bundle 

                                                                                      ($197 Value)

                                                                                      Primal Beauty is a program that I created in partnership with Paleohacks to show you how to enhance your beauty permanently and regain the fresh, vibrant look of your youth – starting today.

                                                                                      And you’ll do it without makeup, without expensive treatments or regimens, and without surgery…

                                                                                      This is a complete, step-by-step “total transformation” program that takes you beyond your weight and addresses all aspects of your health and beauty!

                                                                                      When you invest in the workshop, you’ll get:

                                                                                      • The Primal Beauty Manual
                                                                                      Your ultimate step-by-step guide to creating deep, radiant beauty through the power of primal foods and health disciplines.
                                                                                      • The Primal Beauty Recipes (over 150 delicious recipes inside) Get our most delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes — including breakfast, lunch, dinners, deserts and snacks — that you can easily make at home to nourish your body and beauty.
                                                                                      • The Primal Beauty Meals (over 100 MORE recipes!)
                                                                                      Beyond recipes, this guide to complete meals will help you plan out exactly what you are going to eat, and turn simple foods and recipes into mouth-watering feasts you enjoy anytime!
                                                                                      • The Top 100 Beauty Superfoods Guide
                                                                                      Here we explore 100 nutrition-packed foods that make you more beautiful from the inside out. You’ll learn all the foods that can have a direct, visible impact on your health and beauty.
                                                                                      • The Hormone Handbook
                                                                                      For many people, trouble losing weight isn’t about willpower–it’s about hormones. The Hormone Handbook offers detailed yet accessible explanations of these conditions and gives you the exact diet plan, eating strategies, exercise tips, and info you need to optimize your hormones.


                                                                                      All of these add up to an over $400 value – but are yours free when you invest in the The Women’s Weight Loss Workshop today.

                                                                                      Bonus Gift #2:
                                                                                      Weekly Q&A

                                                                                      During the program, I’ll provide you with an exclusive, private form to e-mail me your questions & challenges, and I will post my answers to the group, with whatever recommended resources you need.

                                                                                      You will also get to see other women’s questions answered so you can benefit from those.

                                                                                      Bonus Gift #3:

                                                                                      The Women’s Weight Loss Workshop Community 

                                                                                      Inside of the Women’s Weight Loss Workshop, you’ll get access to our private Facebook group where you’ll be able to share your story, and get advice from other community members.

                                                                                      This means that the group support literally never ends. Anytime you need help or feedback, day or night, just post here and chances are you’ll quickly get back helpful info and words of encouragement.



                                                                                      Plus, You’ll Be Backed By Our 60-Day, Money Back Guarantee

                                                                                      100% Money Back Guarantee

                                                                                      I want to make this an absolute no-brainer for you, and that’s why I’ve made this entire program risk free for 60 days.

                                                                                      Read through Primal Beauty, watch the videos, read the transcripts, listen to the audios. If you are not BLOWN AWAY by the information and feel that you are being underserved, you can get a refund anytime within the first 60 days after your purchase. All you need to do is e-mail us at support@paleohacks.com, and we’ll provide you with a prompt and courteous refund.

                                                                                      Register Now For The Women’s Weight Loss Workshop At 50% Off:

                                                                                      These bonuses alone could be valued at $600, and this course is normally sold for $297. I charge $300/hour for one-on-one consulting, which I rarely make time for, and I only do classes like this a few times a year. So the $147 pricetag for 24 hours of coaching with me is extremely low.  

                                                                                      $297 $147


                                                                                      $297 $147!


                                                                                      Knowledge Is Key…
                                                                                      But It’s Often NOT Enough

                                                                                      I created this program because — like me — I saw so many women who had the right information yet continued to struggle to lose weight. Largely because they were missing the guidance, support, accountability and encouragement that only a well-led group can provide.

                                                                                      This workshop fixes that and can make all the difference in your success. Join us today — and after watching even a few of the videos from the course, you will be that much further in losing weight, looking younger, and increasing your energy – or you can NOT take action, and be exactly where you are right now.

                                                                                      This is your opportunity. Are you going to keep settling for chronic conditions, extra weight, low energy, and being unhappy? Or are you going to take control – and finally do something about it?

                                                                                      I will help you take that control, just like I did for myself, and the thousands of women that I’ve already helped do the same.

                                                                                      All you need to do is enroll and watch the videos (or listen to the audios or read the transcripts).

                                                                                      I will take care of the rest.

                                                                                      Are you ready? Click the add to cart button below to start the course immediately.

                                                                                      Remember, this is the ONLY time you’ll be able to enroll at this price and claim your bonuses.

                                                                                      I look forward to welcoming you into this training, and leading you into the body that you desire.

                                                                                      To your health & happiness,

                                                                                      Neely Quinn

                                                                                      P.S. Remember, with our 60 day money back guarantee, you have 60 RISK FREE days to test drive the program. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can simply ask for a refund, which we will provide for you promptly and courteously.

                                                                                      P.P.S. The next time you see this course, the price will be at least $100 higher – so do not hesitate – enroll now at the lowest price available.

                                                                                      Got a question? It’s probably answered below!

                                                                                      Q: What is the Women’s Weight Loss Workshop and how does it work?

                                                                                      A: You will join me for 12 recorded online video trainings, which will guide you through each step of fast, permanent, and healthy weight loss. There are also bonus videos, which include interviews with experts on weight loss, and shorter videos I created on special topics. Each of the 12 main video presentations was followed by a Q&A session, where I answered people’s common and pressing questions. You will learn quite a bit from listening to the answers to others’ questions. I will also be providing a private form for you to ask me any questions – anytime during the course.

                                                                                      You’ll also be invited to join the Private Facebook Page just for members of the Women’s Weight Loss Workshop, where you can ask and answer questions with like-minded people any time, day or night.

                                                                                      Q: Who is the instructor, and is she qualified to teach me?

                                                                                      A: Neely Quinn teaches the course, and she is a highly experienced Nutrition Therapist specializing in Paleo principles. She is a Certified Integrative Clinical Nutrition Therapist, and she’s been seeing clients since 2005. She’s been blogging (paleoplan.com and neelyquinn.com) on this topic since 2009, and through her websites and private counseling, plus leading other classes, has helped thousands of people reach their health and weight goals. She’s also personally lost 35 pounds, and overcome acne, depression, low thyroid, IBS, eczema, and chronic yeast using diet and supplements alone. She is thrilled and honored to help you regain your health!

                                                                                      Q: What if I’m unsatisfied with this course?

                                                                                      A: If you are unsatisfied with this program FOR ANY REASON, you can simply e-mail us at support@paleohacks.com within the first 60 days, and we’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund.

                                                                                      Q: Will this information apply to me if I’m over 35, 40, or 50?

                                                                                      A: Yes, the information inside of this course will apply to you no matter what your age.

                                                                                      Q: How will I receive access to this course?

                                                                                      A: You will receive INSTANT ACCESS to the course by e-mail and a private page as soon as you invest. The entire course is digital, so you do not have to pay any shipping, or wait to dig into the information inside.

                                                                                      Q: Will information in this course apply to men as well?

                                                                                      A: While this course is geared toward women and their specific needs, a lot of the concepts apply to men as well. So if you are a male – we would love to have you join us.


                                                                                      “Dedication to me…”

                                                                                      “I initially consulted Neely concerning a sensitive stomach and quickly learned the daily discomfort I had come to accept was neither normal nor necessary. Neely’s educational approach and dedication to me as a client has enabled me to establish a solid understanding of my body’s nutritional needs and create a diet that works for me.”


                                                                                      Boulder, CO


                                                                                      “I trust her advice…”

                                                                                      “Neely worked with me through struggles with protein deficiency, low energy, fatigue, and gluten sensitivity to improve not only my rock climbing performance but also my daily well being and happiness. Her honest and straight forward approach to nutrition, combined with the extensive research and data she uses to back her philosophies, allowed me to understand what my body needs. I trust her advice because she doesn’t just tell me what I need to change, she shows me and uses her past experiences as a basis for this informative nutritional journey. Neely understands the uniqueness of each person’s needs and she compassionately works to inform each person of the wide range of nutritional options available.”

                                                                                      Paige Claassen, Professional Rock Climber
                                                                                      Boulder, CO


                                                                                      “Overall wellness is improving dramatically!”

                                                                                      “Neely shares her profound and intimate knowledge of nutrition with me using a communication style that effectively cuts to the heart of the matter. She is helping me learn the truth about the foods I eat and how they impact my body. As a result of our work together my body composition, energy, mood, and overall wellness is improving dramatically! Thanks for being a fantastic food coach Neely!”

                                                                                      Grant Muller
                                                                                      Boulder, CO


                                                                                      “Helped bring me back from my debilitating illness.”

                                                                                      “Neely has helped bring me back from my debilitating illness. My food allergies and intolerances were so severe that my whole body shut down and I had to resign from my job and have my parents cook and drive for me. She was caring and attentive, always getting back to me quickly with thoughtful answers, ideas and encouragement through my journey. I cam eternally grateful that she used her knowledge and intuition to help me find health and balance I never knew existed”.

                                                                                      KiraZoe Deupree


                                                                                      “Profound health and well being!”

                                                                                      “I have been a competitive athlete for 25 years, product development executive in the food industry for 15 years, and a fitness professional for 6 years. I considered myself well informed about food and nutrition and had a very clean, healthy diet by almost any standard. I went to Neely to see if I could return my athletic performance to a high level by improving my nutrition. Neely helped me break through some life long misconceptions about nutrition and diet. By implementing her simple, logical suggestions, I have noticed a dramatic increase in my tolerance for and recovery from hard training, an increase in daily energy and a reduction in inflammation/irritation around old injuries. Much more important than improvements in athletic performance however, is a new, heightened level of awareness of the nutritional value of the food I eat. For me now, its not about a diet for high performance, but lifestyle of profound health and well being.”

                                                                                      Danny Suter, Boulder Performance Trainer and Competitive Cyclist
                                                                                      Boulder, CO


                                                                                      “She was there to support me.”

                                                                                      “Neely’s level of commitment to my success as her client was immediate. I had turned to her after seeing many different allopathic and homeopathic providers with no results. Without judgment of any of my prior treatments I had pursued, Neely was quick yet thorough in coming up with a nutrition plan aimed to correct my poor health. She was always available to answer my questions or concerns and responded promptly. Her commitment to me was further demonstrated as she stayed with me through the past year and a half as I went in and out of issues pertaining to my diet. Neely always made it known that she was there to support me.”

                                                                                      Sascha Anastas
                                                                                      Albuquerque, NM


                                                                                      “I highly recommend her!”

                                                                                      “I have had many issues with my gut over the years–food sensitivities, candida, Celiac–and she has consistently been incredibly helpful. She is highly intelligent, vastly knowledgeable, eager to help, reliable, and compassionate. Ad she comes from a holistic perspective that I deeply appreciate. I highly recommend her to anyone.”

                                                                                      Boulder, CO


                                                                                      “Direct and thorough.”

                                                                                      “Being both a professional athlete and an ethical vegetarian is not easy. Neely helped me identify what areas of my diet were lacking and how I could improve both recovery time and athletic performance without compromising my ethical choice. She addressed a number of misconceptions I, and many others like me, have about proper nutrition and informed not only my weekly shopping list, but also my attitude towards food. I direct all of my diet and nutrition related questions to Neely, and I always receive a direct and thorough response.”

                                                                                      Jonathan Siegrist, Professional Rock Climber
                                                                                      Boulder, CO


                                                                                      “Makes me feel good.”

                                                                                      “I have been having problems on and off for years. Neely had me tested for food sensitivities, and now I am doing so much better. Even when I mess up, she never makes me feel bad, she picks me up and makes me feel good about myself. Thank you Neely for all you do and the knowledge you so freely share.“

                                                                                      B. Beal
                                                                                      Leesburg, VA


                                                                                      “No Migraines in TWO MONTHS!”

                                                                                      “Over the last 1 ½ years I was being treated by a doctor and though I did have some improvement in the beginning, I had plateaued and was starting to have increased migraines again. I started following the guidance of Ms. Neely Quinn only 4 months ago. She did some testing and with the results was able to get me on a diet that no longer contains foods that my system is sensitive to. Over the first 2 months I saw slow improvements but have noticed now that I no longer worry about when my migraines will be showing up. I was having migraines at least once a week and I HAVEN’T HAD ONE IN TWO MONTHS! I also have had problems for over 10 years with constipation and since following Ms. Quinn’s plan, I have been able to get off stool softeners and I’m finally able to start healing my gut. Thank you Neely for allowing me to finally start living my life instead of avoiding everything that “might” give me a migraine, or worrying about when my next migraine would be!”

                                                                                      Elyn L.
                                                                                      Firestone, CO


                                                                                      “Kept me motivated and on track!”

                                                                                      “Since I was little I have had digestive issues. As an adult I began to experience worse symptoms that expanded beyond digestion. Finally, I started down the path of nutrition on my own–with a lot of guesswork. When I realized I had no idea what I was doing I started seeing a nutritionist in September of 2010. She made some great suggestions but also put me on a bunch of supplements that were not only expensive but made me feel bad–still using guesswork. Once I started reading Neely’s blog, survival of the foodist, I realized I needed to make her my nutritionist. She is quite brilliant. What I like about Neely is that she takes both a holistic and scientific approach to nutrition–eliminating the guesswork. I threw out the expensive supplements and began following Neely’s advice. Already I feel a lot better. With the help of Neely, I completed the LEAP test and am beginning a food sensitivity elimination diet to help pinpoint my food sensitivities and symptoms. Neely’s support is really what I needed to feel hopeful that I will get better and also to keep me motivated and on track. She offers a practical and realistic approach that anyone can benefit from.”

                                                                                      Stephanie Loveless
                                                                                      Boulder, CO

                                                                                      Register Now For The Women’s Weight Loss Workshop At 50% Off:

                                                                                      The bonuses alone could be valued at $600, and this course is normally sold for $297. I charge $300/hour for one-on-one consulting, which I rarely make time for, and I only do classes like this a few times a year. So the $147 pricetag for 24 hours of coaching with me is extremely low.  

                                                                                      $297 $147


                                                                                      $297 $147!

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