For some reason, as a nutritionist, I attract a certain kind of person: active women whose goal is weight loss, but they just can’t lose weight no matter how much they work out or how low carb they are.

I’d like to shed some light on why so many active people just can’t lose weight, no matter what they do. I struggled with the same issue for a very long time, and I’m about to tell you how I fixed the problem and lost the weight.

The Biggest Mistake Active People Make to Lose Weight

Let’s say you’re an active person and you want to lose weight (sound familiar?).

You learn that carbs make people fat, so you start to cut them out of your diet. No more bread, pasta, cookies, or any of the other carb-y things you love. No more fruit or sweet potatoes, even, because someone or some blog told you that eating those would give you belly fat.

You cut out those carbs and continue working out 3-5 days a week. 

Then you start to feel super tired on a regular basis, and sugar cravings start to be a very overpowering distraction.

But you push on because you’re a strong person, darn it, and low-carb dieting is how you’ll reach your weight loss goals and be the athlete you want to be!

But those sugar cravings become so overpowering that you start giving into them on occasion. You get so tired and cranky and sugar-starved that you start to mindlessly binge on baked goods and other sugary things. It feels so good to eat the carbs finally! It tastes good, and you don’t feel empty and fatigued anymore…

But after those binge sessions comes The Guilt. You’ve failed on your low-carb diet!

The self reproach sends you into a deep sadness, which leads to anger, which then leads to… ACTION. No more carbs for you! If you’re around carbs, you can’t control yourself, you decide.

And the deprivation begins all over again. No more carbs, you start restricting calories, skipping meals, and doing more workouts. In the long run, all of this will make your stomach flatter, your legs tighter, and your athletic performance better, you believe.

But the sugar cravings inevitably happen again, and then you have another binge session. And then come the guilt, the depression, the anger, and you’re back where you started at the deprivation diet.

This turns into a neverending cycle, in which you feel terrible. Not only do you feel tired and fatigued because of the low-carb diet, but you also feel bad about yourself because of the bingeing.

Plus, you’re most likely not losing the weight you wanted to lose in the first place.


Well, it was me. And it was miserable. All of the guilt, anger, and then the enthusiastic, “I’m going on a diet tomorrow!” was an exhausting emotional roller coaster.

How To End The Bingeing and Sugar Cravings

I decided one day that I was tired of the madness, and I started to change my behaviors and thought processes around food. Fortunately, the changes stuck, and I no longer binge or feel guilty about eating. I’ve helped dozens of people do the same for themselves, too.

1. Acknowledge Your Cravings and Behaviors

The first thing we need to do to stop bingeing and sugar cravings is to acknowledge all of it. I know it sounds simple, but hear me out.

Acknowledge the cravings, instead of being mad at yourself for having them. Acknowledge that you are indeed tired all the time and it’s not going away. And acknowledge the binge eating when you’re actually doing it, instead of zoning out and eating sugar like a zombie.

When you objectively acknowledge all of these things – as if they’re happening to someone else and not you – you’re no longer assigning an emotion or judgment to them.

You’re just saying, “Oh, I feel that craving. Ok, yep, I’m eating lots of brownies now. Ok, now I feel bloated and gross and I kind of want to throw up. Next time maybe I shouldn’t do this to myself.”

It might take a while, but eventually you’ll be able to make a choice about whether or not you’re going to binge. It won’t be uncontrollable anymore due to your new objective outlook on your behavior.

2. Stop Being Afraid of Carbs

The second thing active people need to do to lose weight and keep being active is… stop being afraid of carbs!

As an active person, you need carbs. I don’t care what any blogger or book says: most people need carbohydrates to feel good, look good, and perform their best. There are exceptions: don’t get me wrong. Some people do better in ketosis, but if you’re the person I described above, you probably need more carbs.

Oftentimes, when you have cravings it’s because your body actually needs what it’s craving. So if you have instense sugar cravings, put more carbohydrates in your diet on a regular basis. The good kind of carbs in the correct amounts throughout the day. It works like a charm to end sugar cravings.

People’s thyroids, adrenals, and other hormones work a lot better when there’s enough glucose fueling everything. That means more weight loss, more muscle tone, more energy, and less moodiness.

End Your Bingeing and Sugar Cravings!

I have a ton more to say about stopping bingeing, food guilt, and sugar cravings!

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