As you may know by now, I’m a straight shooter, so I’ll just say it bluntly:

Your sugar addiction and emotional reliance on food are keeping extra weight on you.

I know because those are the things that made me overweight and kept me from losing weight for so long.

Let’s end all that, shall we?

In the “End Emotional Eating Roundtable Event” I’ll tell you how to end those destructive behaviors for good, just like I did for myself. But why should you believe me that I can help you?

Here’s a story about a woman I helped.

She was about 40 pounds overweight, and always sluggish & fatigued. She was bloated, moody, and she had a love-hate relationship with food. She loved it so much–more than most things–because when she was stressed, which was almost always, it made her feel temporarily great. And she ate a lot of it.

She hated her body, was embarrassed to be seen in most of her clothes, she didn’t feel attractive, and she was desperate. She worked too much, and on top of that she took care of her kids as a single mom, and just couldn’t get her health and weight under control. Which is why she came to see me. She knew she needed help with her diet.

But it wasn’t really her diet she needed help with: the actual foods she was choosing were pretty healthy most of the time. It was just her behaviors and attitude surrounding it: eating out of stress and indulging too often.

By the end of the first session, we realized that she’d been prioritizing the wrong things in her life: everyone and everything else instead of herself. We discovered she was using food to fill the hole inside of her that she’d created by neglecting herself.

We also discovered that she desperately feared rejection, and that by being overweight and feeling unattractive, she was keeping men away and avoiding the potential to get hurt.

When she could see all of this clearly, it became obvious that her health and happiness were more important to her than perpetuating these old, harmful beliefs: 1) that she didn’t deserve to care for herself, and 2) that she wasn’t willing to risk being hurt in order to find love again.

We also worked on adding more foods to her diet that would satiate her long-term, in order to calm down her cravings. And we took out those last couple foods that we knew were perpetuating her stress eating, fatigue, and bloating.

She ended up losing 35 of those extra 40 pounds over the next 6 months, and in that time created a loving, nourishing relationship with her food. Her bloating and fatigue almost completely disappeared, and she started taking care of herself along with everyone else. She’s not perfect, as nobody is, but she’s so much better than she was!


I do believe the work I do can help you.

I take a very individualized approach to each person’s story. We whittle away at your self-defeating beliefs, find your true motivations, and make digestible changes to your diet in order to empower you again.

During the “End Emotional Eating Roundtable Event”, you’ll not only hear how I stopped my own stress-eating and bingeing, but you’ll be able to tell your own story to me and the group, and get personalized feedback about how to end the cycle.

I’d love to help you regain a healthy relationship with your food so that you can have the body and health you’ve been wanting.

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