I recently received this awesome email from a viewer of the Women’s Weight Loss Solution Online Conference about how to receive financial help for alternative medicine care. Here’s her email in its entirety – I hope it helps at least one person!

Hello Neely,

Thank you for such a wonderful series about weight loss, paleo, autoimmunity, and the great service you are doing. The testimonies, instruction and information are infectious, motivating and so interesting. Thank you!

The topic of funding came up recently, and I wanted to share this with you for the sake of anyone who cannot afford to fund their own alternative medical care. Yes, I myself received about $9.000 in funding split between three grantors, for alternative medical care not covered by my insurance. No, this is not a scam!

Please feel free to post this,  but please do not share my name or my email addy.

Thank you very much.
Best wishes


No funding for alternative medical treatment? Try here www.fdncenter.org Foundation Center Library, see at the bottom of the page, the column “Products”, click on Foundation Grants to Individuals. Costs $20 per month of d-base access. This is the Foundation Center Library’s website, established since the 1950s, and is NOT a scam. The go-to source for nonprofits, museums, etc. This is a library specializing in nothing but grants, not a grant-making entity itself.

There are physical walk-in branches at seven major cities in the USA. Some schools, libraries and nonprofits may subscribe and make their database access available to the public, free of charge: Email the librarians for free, to find out where such free database access exists in your local area.

A) Subscribe to the Foundation Grants to Individuals Online Series (or nonprofit series, if that applies to you)

B) Search  under categories that apply to you: Area of need, profession, homemaker (there is such a category!), male/female, single parent, child, religious background, ethnic background, geographical location, etc. For example, some donors may fund people for medical coverage, who work in your profession. Or others may fund people of your ethnic background in a similar way.

C) Get a doc’s letter, write a grant proposal.

TIPS: Teach the grant maker to like you, tell them your  civic accomplishments, professional background, etc so they want to fund YOU and not someone else. Your medical need and financial need will figure heavily into this.

If rejected, ask the grantor why. Jot notes, resubmit a revised proposal. Voila!

NOTE: Please understand that grant writing is not a guarantee of payment. It takes time, Boards may require months to review their many applications before they get back to you. Be persistent, as this may literally pay. Be patient, but funding can be obtained if you have genuine need and write a convincing proposal, with ample backing by supportive letters and documentation, etc.

The Foundation Center Library is not just all about grants for medical matters. They list donors in every possible grant category under the sun. Funding for school, starting a business,  building grants for nonprofits, arts projects, film making, much more……

Good luck!